MIXER Telephone Study

***Important Annoucement***

The current phase of MIXER III is now closed.

If you completed 4 calls or more, please make sure you submit the appropriate tax form in order to be processed for payment. If we do not receive a signed and dated form by March 31st, 2007, you will become ineligible for payment. Forms and payment information can be found at http://mixer.ldc.upenn.edu/payment-schedule/.

Thank you to all who participated in the Mixer 3 project.


Thank you for your interest in MIXER, a multi-language telephone speech study supporting linguistic research, technology development and education conducted by the Linguistic Data Consortium at the University of Pennsylvania. You can earn more than $250 just by talking on the telephone.

To sign up to participate in this study, please continue to the Registration Page.

As a MIXER Participant you will talk on the telephone with other participants --typically people you do not know-- for ten minutes, in either English or your native language. For this reason, as a MIXER participant, it is necessary for you to be fluent in English and one of the target languages. The maximun number of calls for each participant is fifteen (15). There are special compensation bonuses for those participants who complete certain kinds of calls (in a foreign language or using a different phone).

For more information about payment rates, please visit the Payment Information Page

In the MIXER telephone speech study, all calls you receive will be initiated by the Linguistic Data Consortium's robot operator, which will match participants by shared language when possible. You need only answer your phone at the time(s) you will specify during registration.

In real life, our conversations with strangers have specific goals: to get or give information, to accomplish a task or to build a relationship. In this study, we assign topics to encourage the same kind of goal-oriented talk. The topics also give variety to the conversations and keep them going in a meaningful way. Please speak on the suggested topic, providing your opinions and the benefit of your personal experience and please also ask about the other person's experience and opinions.

Please remember that all MIXER calls are recorded for research and educational purposes. All partipant identification information is kept strictly confidential, and only select demographic information (age, gender, region raised, languages spoken, etc.) will be utilized for the research. Participant names, addresses, and contact information are only required for compensation.